Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I am not GREAT at this yet!

I know I have only written one time since I started this adventure on Christmas Day. I am going to try and get much better about this. Lots has happened in our lives since Christmas. As most of you know, Karmen is a competition cheerleader and we went to Charlotte over the MLK weekend, her squad came in 2nd out of 9! I could not be a prouder mama! She works very hard at practice and it is really showing through when she takes the floor to cheer. Our next stop is Atlanta over Presidents Day weekend!
Babies Babies Babies!
Over the past month we have had so many of our friends share with us about being pregnant, now you all know Ben and I love kids all of our friends kids, they range in age from womb-18 and we have been around for lots of parties and lots of milestones. Our friends who are having their first we are so excited for them and can't wait to spoil them babies with love.
I am going to take cue from my friend Neelley and share a recipe every week maybe on Thursday!
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Merry Christmas from our house to yours. I decided that I really am a Blog junkie, I read all kinds and borrow ideas and follow many people's journey through life. So I thought I really should be better about writing for the store and then I thought maybe I should just be better about writing for our friends and family to keep up with us and journey!
Soooo..... we started off the morning quite a bit different than years in the past. Karmen who is now 10 was at her dad's first this year and my hubby is on call. Needless to say Christmas has been far from traditional for us, Ben was on a call when Karmen came home and saw the gifts that Santa had left her. Then he breezed in long enough for breakfast by the way breakfast was super yummy and I will share our Christmas morning recipes below. Then he was out the door headed to Santa Fe. Now at 3:00 my little family is all asleep and I sit and wonder WHO is going to clean up this mess?
For those of you who don't know I am one armed right now due to the shoulder surgery I had a couple of weeks ago, I am healing fine and ready to be able to raise my arm above my head. I mean at least shower without help would be nice.
We were extremely blessed this year, Ben found a job and is really enjoying it, my store continues to thrive and Karmen is on a competition cheer squad that is doing well this season. We are saving for some pretty big projects around the house and hope to be able to do most of them in the spring. Merry Christmas from the White's

Breakfast Casserole
Prep 25 minutes Bake 50 minutes
I make this up the night before and cover and put in the fridge then all I have to do is pull it out and bake

1 pound of bacon
6 1"slices of french bread
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup of cheddar cheese shredded
6 eggs
1 and half cups of whipping cream
1 tsp of dry mustard
1/2 tsp of salt
1/4 tsp of pepper

1. in a large skillet cook back and drain then crumble bacon into small pieces
2. grease a 2 quart oval or square baking dish, set aside. Spread one side of the bread slices with butter then cut into 1" squares, place half of them in the dish and sprinkle with half the bacon. Top with the remaining bread cubes and sprinkle the rest of the bacon.
3. in a bowl whisk together eggs, whipping cream, dry mustard, salt and pepper. Pour mixture over bread and bacon, cover and chill for 2 to 24 hours
4. Bake uncovered at 325 for 50-55 minutes